Birmingham Warwickshire antique map


Birmingham Warwickshire antique map from J.H.F. Brabner’s ‘Comprehensive Gazeteer of England and Wales.’ Published c1895. Paper dimension approx. 12.5 x 10.25 inches. Full margins obscured by scan. Usual centre fold (see scanned image.) A Nice clean example without any foxing.

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Birmingham Warwickshire antique map, 1895. Antique map of Birmingham from J.H.F. Brabner’s ‘Comprehensive Gazeteer of England and Wales.’ This work was described thus: “The information which the body of the work contains has been collected during a number of years by an experienced staff of compilers under the editorship of Mr J. H. F. BRABNER, F.R.G.S. The articles on the more important cities and towns have, to secure the utmost attainable accuracy, been written on the spot, while the smaller articles, numbering of necessity many thousands, have, as a precaution against the risk of error, been submitted to local authorities qualified to check or verify the information they contain… The distances from the nearest railway stations and from London, or the nearest large town, are noted, and special attention has been given to the postal and telegraphic connections of the places described… Prominence has been given to the latest statistics relating to education, commerce, shipping, manufactures, and agriculture, the figures in every case being obtained from the latest official reports, while the areas of the parishes, &c., are from the latest returns of the Ordnance Survey department…The populations given are the finally corrected results of the census of 1891…The illustrations, which in a work of this description are not second in importance to the text, will include a series of full-page etchings of typical examples of the scenery of England and Wales, and a series of maps of all the counties, specially reduced from the Ordnance Survey for this work by Mr. F. S. WELLER, F.R.G.S., and printed in colours to show with the utmost clearness their present political divisions… In these maps, besides the natural features of the country, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, and estuaries, prominence is given to the main roads, railways, and canals, which form the means of communication and highways of commerce. The series is supplemented by street plans, printed in colours and on an enlarged scale, of the principal cities and towns, and by a general map of England and Wales.”

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