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Signed watercolour of Donegal, Ireland, by Thomas Lunt Roberts. Thomas Lunt Roberts was President of the London Sketch Club in 1936. Size approx. 9.5×7 inches. Note: Price shown is ex VAT.

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Donegal watercolour. Signed watercolour by Thomas Lunt Roberts. President of the London Sketch Club, 1936. Illustrator of magazines, children’s books and annuals, he drew freely in a conventional manner, often with vigorous hatching, in pen, brush, and crayon. He first attended the London Sketch Club in 1913, with John Hassall.  He became a member of the Club in 1921 and its president in 1936. He lived in South London and each year drew a portrait of the new Captain of the Coombe Wood Golf Club. Among the Alumni of the London Sketch Club were founder members Dudley Hardy, Phil May, Walter Fowler, Lance Thackeray, Cecil Aldin, W Sanders Fiske, Walter Churcher, Tom Browne, George Charles Haité, its first president, and Frederick Hamilton Jackson, its first Honorary Secretary. Members of the Club have included John Hassall, H.M. Bateman, Salomon van Abbé, Terence Cuneo, Alfred Leete, and David Langdon.

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