Italy antique map


Antique map of Italy. Original copper line engraved map with original hand-colouring. Paper size 8×10.25ins. Dated in the plate Oct 1806.

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Italy antique map. Antique map of Italy, dated 1806. engraved by James Barlow (FI 1790-1810) Published by C. Brightly and E. Kinnersly, Bungay, Suffolk. Dated in the plate Oct 1806. Source: Blomfield’s “A General View of the World, Geographical, Philosophical and Historical.” Published in 1806, this map represents the British view of Italy. However, during the Napoleonic Wars, northern-central Italy was invaded and reorganised as a new Kingdom of Italy, a client state of the French Empire, while the southern half of the peninsula was administered by Joachim Murat, Napoleon’s brother-in-law, who was crowned as King of Naples. The 1814 Congress of Vienna restored the situation of the late 18th century.

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