Seven United Provinces 2


Antique copper line engraved map of The Seven United Provinces, at the time the Napoleonic Empire puppet state of the Kingdom of Holland, having previously been the Batavian Republic. Original hand colouring. Paper size 8×10.25ins. Dated in the plate July 1807.

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Seven United Provinces. Antique map engraved by James Barlow (FI 1790-1810) Published by C. Brightly and E. Kinnersly, Bungay, Suffolk. Dated in the plate July 1807. Source: Blomfield’s “A General View of the World, Geographical, Philosophical and Historical.” Although this British map describes the area covered as the Seven United Provinces, it was at the time part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Holland (1806–10). Having previously been the puppet state of the Batavian Republic (1795–1806). The map covers what is now Holland and Belgium or the Low Countries.

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