American cowboy with pack-horses


American Cowboy. Original vintage photogravure print of an etching by American artist Levon West (1900-1968.) Published by ‘The Studio’ in 1930. Size: 9″ x 6.5″. Price shown is ex VAT.

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American cowboy with pack-horses. Photogravure of an etching of an American cowboy with pack-horses by Levon West. Published by ‘The Studio’ in 1930. Size: 9″ x 6.5″. Levon West (1900 – 1968), was an artist from the U.S. State of North Dakota. Born in Centerville, South Dakota, his father was a Congregational minister who immigrated from Armenia. The family changed their name to West when Levon and his brothers did not want to enlist in the service during WWI under their Armenian last name, Assadoorian. The name West was chosen as it was the maiden name of Levon’s mother. Levon West adopted the pen name of Ivan Dmitri to use for his color photography. His etchings and watercolors were always done under his original name, Levon West. While in New York studying at the Art Students’ League, he formed an aviation corporation with friends. They serviced planes at Roosevelt Field on Long Island. One day he noticed a different type of plane and did sketches of it. This plane belonged to Charles Lindberg. When West heard Lindberg flew the Spirit of St. Louis on a record breaking trans-Atlantic flight, he hurriedly did an etching from his sketches and took it to the New York Times. The paper asked how much he wanted for it and he said, “I don’t care how much I get for it, but put my name on it good and big at the bottom.” When the newspaper came out with his etching on the front page demand for his work followed. He was contacted by the Kennedy Galleries in New York the following day. This led to a series of successful etchings and national prominence. He was also a skilled watercolorist. When he began working with colour photography, Levon West adopted the pen name “Ivan Dmitri,” though he continued to use the name Levon West for his non-photographic works. The first color photographic cover on the Saturday Evening Post magazine (May 29, 1927) was by Dmitri, a photo of an Automobile racing driver seated in his race car.


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