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Antique print (copper-plate engraving) of  the British Museum, Montague House, Bloomsbury, London. Image shows the entrance to Montague House, where the museum was first housed. It includes a pill-box with a sentry on duty and a one-legged beggar! Dated in plate 1815. Engraved area approx. 6×4 inches. Antique print supplied mounted (ready to frame 10×8 ins.) in conservation mount-board Note: Price shown is ex VAT.

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British Museum. Antique copper-plate engraved print of Montague House, first home of the British Museum, from: The Beauties of England and Wales (1801-1815) which was a series of books describing the topography and local history of England and Wales. Produced by a variety of London publishers, the work appeared in 18 multi-part volumes arranged by county, individually authored. Each volume contained engraved illustrations by artists such as Thomas Hearne, J. M. W. Turner, John Varley, Benjamin West.[1][nb 1] Readers included Charles Dickens. This image shows the first British Museum, Montague House, where it mostly showed the collection of Sir Hans Sloane. It was replaced by the neo-Classical building of Sir Robert Smirke which still houses Sloane’s collection. Thanks to Wikipedia for much of the above text.

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