Carabus beetle antique print


Carabus beetle antique print. Rare original hand-coloured copper-plate engraving of Carabus Crepitans (Musketeer Beetle). Published 1810. Paper size 9×5.5ins.


*a very rare item

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Carabus beetle antique print. Rare antique copper-plate engraving of Carabus Crepitans (Musketeer Beetle.) Source: The natural history of British insects; explaining them in their several states…together with the history of such minute insects as require  investigation by the microscope. The whole illustrated by coloured figures, designed and executed from living specimens. By E. Donovan. London: Printed for the author, and for F.C. and J. Rivington, No62, St. Paul’s Church-Yard, 1810. Carabus is a genus of beetle in family Carabidae. The genus is highly diverse with 91 subgenera and more than 900 recognised species and thus is the largest genus in the subfamily Carabinae. The vast majority are native to the Palearctic, but there are also 11 Nearctic species. Carabus are 12–50 mm (0.47–1.97 in) long, most species are wingless and often very colourful. These are nocturnal, predatory beetles that feed on snails, earthworms and caterpillars.

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