HMS Resistance launched at Millwall antique print


HMS Resistance, a Royal Navy ironclad steam-ram frigate, launched at Millwall, Isle of Dogs. Full page from the Illustrated London News dated April 20th. 1861. Paper measures approx. 16×11 inches. Price shown is ex VAT.

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HMS Resistance launched at Millwall antique print. HMS Resistance was the second of two Defence-class ironclads built for the Royal Navy in the 1860s. She was the first capital ship in the Royal Navy to be fitted with a ram and was given the nickname of Old Rammo. Resistance was initially assigned to the Channel Fleet upon commissioning, but was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1864, the first ironclad to be assigned to that fleet. She was rearmed in 1867 and became a guardship when recommissioned in 1869. The ship was reassigned to the Channel Fleet in 1873 before reverting to her former duties in 1877. Resistance was decommissioned in 1880 and was used for gunnery and torpedo trials beginning in 1885. The ship was sold for scrap in 1898 and foundered in 1899 en route to the breaker’s yard. She was salvaged and later scrapped. Guaranteed original antique print from the Illustrated London News entitled, “Launch of Her Majesty’s steam-ram frigate Resistance at Millwall,” dated April 20th. 1861.

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