King George III antique print


King George III antique print

King George III antique print. Original steel engraving published in 1868. The vignette shows”Attempt to shoot the king in Hyde Park.” Below the crown at the top of the image is a ribbon with the legend “Union with Ireland 1801.” Paper size 10.75×8 inches. Very good condition with minimal foxing.

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King George III antique print published 1868

Below is a short blog published in 2021 to accompany this antique print.
On July 10th. in 1776 the statue of King George III was pulled down in New York City. He was the third Hanoverian monarch and the first to use English as his first language.
George III became permanently deranged in 1810.
He may not, therefore, have enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that on August 24, 1814 British troops marched into Washington and set fire to the U.S. Capitol, the President’s Mansion!
He died on 29 January 1820 at Windsor Castle, in Berkshire.
Antique print courtesy of Frontispiece Ltd of Canary Wharf.

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