Millwall Ironworks armour-plating manufacture antique print


Millwall Ironworks armour-plating manufacture antique print. Scarce original page from the Illustrated Times, published 1864, showing armour-plate being drawn from the furnace and in the rolling mill. Paper size approx. 15.5 x 10.5 inches. Price shown is ex VAT.

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Millwall Ironworks armour-plating manufacturers on the Isle of Dogs. Millwall is an area in London, on the southwestern side of the Isle of Dogs, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It lies to the immediate south and southwest of the commercial estates of West India Docks including Canary Wharf and has a long shoreline along London’s Tideway part of the River Thames. Millwall is a smaller area of land than an average parish, as it was part of Poplar until the 19th century when it became heavily industrialised, containing the workplaces and homes of a few thousand dockside and shipbuilding workers. Among its factories were the shipbuilding ironworks of William Fairbairn, much of which survives as today’s Burrells Wharf. The Millwall Iron Works, London, England, was a 19th-century industrial complex and series of companies, which developed from 1824. In 1835 Scottish engineers William Fairbairn and David Napier bought the Land of Promise estate from Charles Augustus Ferguson, the start of making Millwall an important centre of iron shipbuilding. In 1836, Fairbairn laid out an ironworks on a three-acre site to develop small ships, although his main works remained in Manchester. More than 100 ships, mostly under 2,000 tons, were built by Fairbairn at Millwall, including vessels for the Admiralty, the merchant marine Tsar of Russia and King of Denmark. The holding company collapsed after the Panic of 1866 which greatly reduced shipbuilding in London. Subsequently, a recovery was made by a series of smaller companies, but by the later 19th century the location was too small for the building of ships on the scale then required. Most of its buildings, being near the apex of the peninsula, survived the Blitz and have been made into apartment blocks in a residential estate, Burrells Wharf.

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