Ulysses S. Grant President of the United States antique print


Ulysses S. Grant President of the United States antique print. Original Vanity Fair antique prin published June 1st. 1872. Paper size 14 x 9 inches. Very good condition. Price shown is ex VAT.

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Ulysses S. Grant President of the United States antique print.

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On this day 27th. April 1822 Ulysses S. Grant was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio, in the United States.

Grant commanded the Union Army during the latter part of the American Civil War and became the 18th president of the United States in 1869.

Having graduated from West Point in 1843, and serving with distinction during the Mexican–American War, he had resigned his commission in 1854.

Joining the Union Army at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, he rose through the ranks until being appointed Commanding General by President Lincoln in March 1864.

Ironically, the Confederate commander with whom he engaged in battle during the latter part of the civil war was Robert E. Lee, who himself had refused command of the Union Army at the start of hostilities.

For over a year Grant’s Army of the Potomac fought Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia until the defeat and surrender of the Confederacy in 1865.

Promoted to General of the Army in 1866 by Lincoln’s successor, President Andrew Johnson, he became disillusioned with the conservative policies pursued by Johnson.

Grant’s own presidency, from 1869 to 1877 saw a much more radical policy towards former secessionists, especially in the area of segregation.

Creating the Department of Justice, his administration prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan and appointed African and Jewish Americans to federal posts.

Grant died on July 23rd 1885. It was reported that more than 1.5 million attended his funeral in New York.

The funeral procession was followed for seven miles by the courtage and tens of thousands of mourners.

Pallbearers at his funeral included Union generals Sherman and Sheridan, Confederate generals Simon Bolivar Buckner and Joseph E. Johnston, Admiral David Dixon Porter, and Senator John A. Logan, the head of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Our illustration from the collection of Frontispiece Ltd is from Vanity Fair of June 1872, and is from a series titled SOVEREIGNS and captioned “Captain, Tanner, Farmer, General, Imperator.”

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